EARMOR M31N-Mark3 MilPro Military Standard Headset - Black

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EARMOR Military Tactical Headset M31N-Mark3 MilPro Noise Reduction Electronic Hearing Protector (Military Standards MIL-STD-416)

M31N-Mark3 MilPro is equipped with neckband for electronic communication headsets with sound pickup and noise reduction . The neckband is also compatible with the use of helmets at work and daily training, no matter which way it is used, it can be comfortable and stable. The Mark 3 headsets can enhance subtle environmental sound sources, track human voices and highly restore and optimize them, while blocking dangerous noises above 82 dB (such as explosions and gunshots). It has 5 different sound effects modes to choose from, which can match differently. Use in task environment. The new modular design can be adapted to different  wearing methods. The built-in EMI filtering system can effectively filter electromagnetic interference.  M31N Mark3 headset (Non-communications) comes with 3.5mm AUX audio cable to connect to media devices.

- Better compatible with different uses such as wearing helmets or daily training
- The contact surface with the head is small and comfortable when worn
- Lighter weight than other suspension systems
- Noise reduction rating  NRR 22 dB
- Suppresses harmful noise above 82 dB
- 5 adjustable sound mode options, which can be better adapted to different environments
- Super fast attack time less than 1ms to avoid any noise impact
- EMI/RFI shielding designed and tested in military standards MIL-STD-416
- Clear voice tracking can improve speech intelligibility
- Anti-false triggering, hold the power button for 3 seconds to power on/off
- 3mm thick high-strength modified ABS plastic shell formed by integrated reverse moulding,light and durable.
- Runs on 2x1.5V AAA batteries, approximately 400 hours standby time
- 4 hours auto shut-off mechanism and low battery prompt.
- M31N MARK3 headset comes with 3.5mm AUX audio input cable for media devices.
- Sealed silicone ear cushions that are comfortable and fit the face, prevent sound leakage, effectively prevent sweat, and are suitable for long-term wear
- IP67 water resistant
- Environmental compatibility according to MIL-STD-810G testing standard
- Comply with CE / RoSH / FCC standards and hearing protection of equipment certification.

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