EARMOR Tactical Headset M31 MOD4 Noise Canceling Earmuffs Anti-Noisy Shooting Earphone


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OPSMEN EARMOR Tactical Headset M31 MOD4 Noise Canceling Earmuffs Military Anti-Noisy Shooting Earphone


OPSMEN M31-MOD4 is an electronic pickup and noise-cancelling headphone during daily training. It can enhance weak sound in the environment and track human voice to restore and optimize, while suppressing dangerous noises (such as explosions and gun ) higher than 82 dB, It not only protects hearing, but also improves the clarity of conversation and the surrounding environment alertness. Internal EMI filtering system can effectively filter the electromagnetic interference generated by other electronic equipment. Comes with 3.5mm AUX audio input cable for media devices.

Multi-mode Switching

Press the volume up and down buttons at the same time to switch between comfort and combat mode

Comfort mode-suitable for car or indoor, preventing echo for a long time

Combat mode-suitable for high-alert environments and multi-person voice conversations.

Super Fast Attack Time

When wearing headphones, you can feel the fast attack wave (such as when the gun is firing). The super fast attack time is less than 1 ms, which can instantly suppress the ambient sound and protect the user's hearing from damage.

360° Full Environment Perception

RF shielding can suppress the noise(interference) that is generated by device or by other equipment in the environment in order to prevent EMI problems, ensure M31 working flawlessly during any activities. Dynamic tracking technology improves the accuracy of voice picking system, be sensitive to the human speakers present in the noise and will be able to distinguish between voice and other sounds.

Excellent Protection Earmuffs for Shooting

Professional noise reduction technology,suppresses harmful noise above 82 dB.Super fast attack time less than 1ms to avoid any noise impact. Effectively protect your hearing.

Suitable for Many Occasions

Suitable for many occasions, such as shooting,hunting,chainsaw,machining or in a noisy environment.

Suitable for Harsh Environments

M31-MOD4 adopts waterproof and anti-impact technology, suitable for various harsh environments.


Improper use or improper wearing can cause hearing damage in strong noise.

In order to use hearing protection headphones properly, you can consult a professional and read the instructions carefully for more details. Please do not wear headphones if the ear is ill, or improper protection will cause permanent hearing loss.

Product details

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer :No

Department :Unisex-adult

Batteries :2 AAA batteries required.

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