EARMOR M12 Headset Accessories Exfil Helmet TW3.0 Rail Adapter Attachment Kit - New Arrival


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EARMOR Headset EXFIL Helmet TW3.0 Rails Adapter Attachment Kit Tactical Headphone Rail Adapter for TW3.0 Rail Helmet Accessories

Product name: EXFIL TW3.0 Rails Adapter Attachment Kit

Replace Headband of EARMOR M31/M32 or helmet rail kit of M31H/M32H with M12 EXFIL helmet TW3.0 rails adapter attachment kit, allows attaching your EARMOR hearing protector directly to EXFIL helmet TW3.0 rails.

- Durable, lightweight

- Rotatable for stowing EARMOR

M12 TW3.0 Rails:

- For EXFIL helmet TW3.0 rails ( Wendy Helmet )  The earmuff bracket can be easily adapted to most noise reduction earphones, so that the earmuff can be installed on the Rail

Product color:

- BK

Shipping list:

1 x 1pcs TW3.0 Rails Adapter Attachment Kit (No included other products )

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