TMC RAC Headset Best Tactical Communication Aviation Noise Cancellation Headsets


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TMC RAC Headset Best Aviation Noise Cancellation Tactical Communication Headsets for ARC Rails Fast Helmet & SF Maritime Helmets
Item Name:

-  Tactical RAC Headset

- Color: BK / DE /FG

- Package list: Only 1 x 1pcsRAC HeadSet(No included Headset and other items )


- TMC-RC Maritime Aquatic Helmet ARC Rail Tactical Noise Reduction Headphones

- RAC headphones currently support the FAST series of helmet guides, such as Maritime, SF, Highcut, Sentry helmet incompatible with AF, T-Wendy, MTEK and other helmet.

Warm Tip:

- Only headphones can't communicate directly with OPSMEN or the original EARMOR TCA and other military regulations PTT (NATO military regulations sequence)

- Not suitable for Peltor element ELEMENT Z-Tac and other PTT.

- Avoid current murmur when connecting walkie-talkies. Turn to low power

- (walkie-talkies recommend using TRI/TCA/FCS/Baofeng brands such as Hainengda are incompatible)

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